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Here is our shortlist for 2018!

Looking for some road trip or holiday inspiration?

We asked people across the UK to tell us about their dream road trip, to be in with a chance of winning £1,000 PLUS a free rental car when they go. We wanted to know where they'd go, why they want to go there and who they'd take with them. We're really inspired by the journeys people want to go on!

If you entered One Epic Road Trip, thank you. Here is our shortlist for 2018. We'll be announcing a winner on this page on the 21st of November - stay tuned!

Elaine Beauchamp – Scotland

“Beautiful, diverse and stunning scenery. The people are really friendly and welcoming. There is so much to see and experience and although I've been before there are parts of Scotland that I've yet to visit that I would love to see!

I suffered a cardiac arrest in January and it has made me realise that life is about more than work. I haven't been to Scotland in over 10 years and would love to go again and take my son, who has been amazing since my cardiac arrest and my current partner to make some lasting memories.”

Ellie Munari – Bosnia

“My friends and I love taking road trips in summer, and I keep losing the argument that we should go to Bosnia. We took a road trip around Montenegro a few years ago and it was such a magical part of the world, I love the mountains, old towns and history! I'm imagining Bosnia would be just as special!

This group of friends are so special to me, they're a big part of the reason that I moved back to the UK! Plus they're constantly foiling my plans to make it to Bosnia, so I would love to be able to take them there!”

Jackie Edwards – California

“I would love to do the Pacific Coast Highway. Our beautiful daughter Hazel, died from a glioblastoma (brain tumour nicknamed “the Terminator”).

A holiday in California would be a great distraction from our grief.

James Leacock – Monaco

“It's the F1 celebrity paradise and one of the most luxurious races on the calendar, who WOULDN'T want to go there!

It'd be my first holiday in a year and a half and I desperately need one. I have a rare (1 in 60 million apparently), incurable, genetic kidney disorder and suffer from a lack of Vitamin D so the sun from this trip would significantly lift me up, mentally and physically!”

Michiko Kijima – Turin, Italy

“My wife used to volunteer at an animal sanctuary called Nata Libera near Turin every summer holiday when she was 15-21. She has dreamed of going back ever since.

She was bedridden for almost a year due to a brain infection and dreamed about travelling when she got better. Now that she is, I want to show her more of the world!”

Pascal Gillon – Iceland

“Iceland is magical still: fabulous Earthy landscapes, mesmerising Fjords, remarkable language, humbling natural raw power: a must!

In thirty two years, my wife and I did so much against the odds in a few countries, as well as raising our daughters in incredible circumstances, and our love is still as strong as when we met. Before dying, as we never know, I wish to offer my wife and Daughters a trip which would be a forever golden memory in their heart.”

Leanne Nash – Canada

“We'd love to drive one of the worlds longest roads, the Trans-Canada Highway! We would get to visit all ten provinces. I have family in Toronto but we've never made it there so far - it's always been a dream to go.

My husband has been my absolute rock this year. I lost my dad to cancer in November and then got diagnosed myself in December. Luckily mine was caught early and 3 operations later I am cancer free. This trip would signify the start of a new chapter in our lives!”

Angela Legge – Amsterdam to Sweden, over Olesund Bridge

“I really want to drive the bridge; it’s the only one in the world that is part bridge, part tunnel.

I spent 18 years being told that it wasn't appropriate for a woman to do a road trip. This is my statement that yes it is, and yes I can. I love driving, absolutely adore it, and there is no reason two women can't do a road trip!”

David Hodson – California

“I want to visit San Francisco, Los Angeles and many other attractions. I’d like to be able to treat my wife to this adventure, as she has Multiple Sclerosis”

We are both mobile and my wife’s condition has been stable on medication for the last five years and if you saw her you would not realise that she has MS. The main effect is that we are not into walking great distances otherwise we carry out a normal life. We have never been to the USA but itis on our ‘bucket list’!”

Theresa Wakely – New Orleans to Tampa, Florida

“My parents once did this trip when they got engaged and I really could picture visiting the magical city of New Orleans and ending it with a beach side break in Tampa.

It’s very special to me because my parents have once done this road trip - it was a very memorable experience and I have grown up hearing all about the magical stories!”