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Alamo Car rental Netherlands


Alamo Car rental in Netherlands

Alamo Car rental Netherlands
Alamo Car rental Netherlands
Car rental in the Netherlands is the best way to discover this small but charming country. A rental car in the Netherlands can take you to the most beautiful places in the Netherlands at ease. It is in the west and north by the North Sea, along the eastern border of Germany and the south by Belgium. The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam, while the seat of government is The Hague. The Caribbean islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba are special municipalities and are also part of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has high number of museums per capita. The Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank house, the Frans Hals Museum, Arnhem Open Air Museum and Boijmans Van Beuningen are among the most well-known. Some are located in scenic places, such as Het Loo Palace and the Kröller-Müller Museum. Car rental in the Netherlands is safe and easy. If you wish to make use of car rental in the Netherlands, why not book at beforehand with no hidden costs?

Public transport in the Netherlands is advanced and reliable, but car rental in Holland helps you travel at your own leisure. The capital Amsterdam was given city rights around the year 1300 and later grew into one of the largest cities in the world trade in the Golden Age. The canal, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List, is included among the main attractions of the city.

Between the islands and the mainland lies the Wadden Sea. It is mostly dry at low tide and is therefore a very important foraging area for birds. The largest island of Texel, followed by the Danish Rømø and German Sylt, has the largest population of all islands. A rental car in the Netherlands makes traveling comfortable when shuttling between small villages on the islands.

Car hire in the Netherlands is also a great option when you want to traverse Veluwe, a predominantly forested region in the province of Gelderland and the largest lowland nature reserve in northwest Europe. From the town of Hattem in the north, the area is roughly bounded by Apeldoorn, Animals, Arnhem, Wageningen, Ede and Barneveld Harderwijk. Large parts of the Veluwe consist of moraines from the Saale glaciation.

The Biesbosch is a mysterious and adventurous freshwater tidal area. Biesbosch is the name for a number of river islands and sand and mudflats in the provinces of North Brabant and South Holland, situated between the rivers Upper Merwede and Amer and is bisected by the artificial river Nieuwe Merwede. Why not rent a car in the Netherlands and discover it all?

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