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Cheap Car Rental Costa Rica

Cheap Car Rental Costa Rica

Costa rica's environment

If you travel by car rental in Costa Rica, you will be surely amazed by the stunning natural parks the country boasts. Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. In 2007 the Costa Rican government announced that by 2021 it will become the first carbon neutral country in the world.

The natural beauty of Costa Rica

The fauna of Costa Rica is largely diverse and natural parks are rich with the raccoon, the coyote, monkeys and anteaters. Most land animals live in the rainforests, while the coral reefs boast the greatest number of species. Discover the natural beauty of Costa Rica by car hire. To get a better deal, you can compare car rental Costa Rica in advance at and make an early booking with no hidden costs.

Experience the stunning nature of a tropical rainforest with car rental

In Costa Rica are there over 12,000 different plant species. Each trophic level has its own ecosystems. From 0 to 500 meters above sea level is the tropical rainforest and from 1500 to 3000 meters is the cloud forest. The prime condition for the existence of rainforests is a minimum annual rainfall of 2000 mm. Any insufficient precipitation will cause dry forests and savannas. Rent a car in Costa Rica and dive into the fascinating nature.

Enjoy stunning waterfalls, hot springs and the sight of an inactive volcano at Volcano National Park

In Arenal Volcano National Park, one of the top tourist destinations in Costa Rica, there is Arenal Volcano. It is the youngest and most active of all volcanic mountains in Costa Rica, as well as mountain Chato, which has been inactive since 3500 years ago. The park was established on 6 November 1991. Most part of the national park is covered with cloud forest and rainforest, rich in flora, fauna, rivers, waterfalls and hot springs. As the park is quite remote, car rental in Costa Rica can make your trip a lot easier.

Drive your rental car to Monteverde

Monteverde, a small town in Puntarenas, is a popular ecotourism destination in Costa Rica. It is known for the dense vegetation of branches and trunks of trees covered with ferns, orchids, bromeliads, lianas and mosses. Here you will capture the view of the steaming swamps and crystal clear rivers flowing into the tropical waterfalls.

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is one of the smallest national parks of Costa Rica, but along with Monte Verde it is the most visited because its unique location. Manuel Antonio is one of those rare places where the forest directly adjacent to the beach, bound to give you a sensational experience. Already feeling for a moment of Tarzan and Jane? Take your rental car in Costa Rica and hit the road!

See exciting tropical animals in Tortuguero

Tortuguero is the Land of the turtles. In the months from July to November they lay their eggs on the beach. Behind the turtle beach lies a maze of natural, tropical waterway. With boats you can observe animals in close distance, such as caimans, monkeys, toucans, sloths and poison frogs throughout the year. Car rental in Costa Rica guarantees a relaxing stay in one of the last tropical rainforests.