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Cheap Car Rental Australia

Cheap Car Rental Australia

About Car Rental in Australia

Every traveller’s dream, Australia is a must-visit place! This stunning destination is abundant with incredible landscapes, a vibrant history, and plenty of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. From world-famous monuments like the Sydney Opera House, to the many areas of natural beauty like the Great Barrier Reef, there is so much to see and do here.

To make the most of every opportunity Australia has to offer, renting a car is by far your best option. Whether you’re driving along great, open roads nestled amongst the beautiful Australian landscape, or you’re making your way through the cities heading from sight to fantastic sight, the freedom you will experience driving throughout Australia is second to none.

There are plenty of airports in Australia for you to choose from, depending on where you want to start your adventure. From Cairns to Brisbane, Darwin, or Adelaide and more, every airport will have a variety of fantastic car rental options on offer to suit your needs. Many airports boast of six or more car hire companies, including household names such as Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, and AVIS. We recommend looking into each of these prior to your trip so that you can see exactly what each agency has to offer. That way you can pick one that will provide you with everything you need to make your trip memorable for all the right reasons.

Downtown Car Rental in Australia

Visiting Australia can be an expensive trip depending on how much of it you are exploring, so to save a few pennies you may want to wait to leave the airport before renting a car. Not only will you avoid airport tax, but you will find many downtown options that you may not find at the airport. Plus, waiting to find a car will give you a bit of time to get settled into your accommodation and relax after such a long flight.

Australia is a big place, and there are plenty of cities to begin your adventure in. But, regardless of whether you get off the plane in Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, or any of Australia’s fantastic locations, you are sure to find plenty of local and international car rental agencies downtown to choose from.

As you will most likely be wanting to do a lot of driving, we recommend doing your research prior to choosing an agency to go with, so that you know what each company has to offer. Many provide extra benefits to help you with your journey, such as car seats, first aid kids, spare tires, and more. These will be particularly helpful to you if you’re planning on travelling outside of the main cities. Not only that, but if you book online in advance too, you can guarantee to save even more money than booking on the day.

Driving in Australia

Driving in Australia is one of the most popular ways to explore this interesting and attractive place. Full of scenic roads and beautiful landscapes, there are plenty of driving routes you can take that will give you the best experience of Australia possible. From coastal drives to exploring the outback, you are sure to have a fantastic experience both behind the wheel and as a passenger on Australia’s roads. But, before you set off, there are a few things you should know to make your journey as safe as possible.

Firstly, no matter where you are in Australia, you should always drive on the left. If a road has white lines in the middle, a broken line means it is safe to overtake, but you should always be careful when attempting any manoeuvre. Secondly, you should always make sure that you give way to the right, and when approaching a roundabout make sure you travel around it in a clockwise direction. Finally, you are allowed to drive using your own drivers license for up to three months (if it is in English). If it is not in English you will need an International Driving Permit which you will need to get prior to your visit. If your license doesn’t have a photo make sure you carry your passport with you when driving too.

Here are a few more tips for driving in Australia:• Speed limits are measured in kilometres, not miles, so make yourself familiar with the metric system if you aren’t already. It is recommended that you drive to suit the conditions of the weather, but most speed limits will be clearly signposted. However, if for whatever reason they are not, most urban areas have a 50kmph speed limit, whilst most other roads have a 100kmph speed limit. Highway police are incredibly strict about speed limits, and there are many hidden cameras across Australia, so make sure you stick to the limits wherever you are driving. • When parking on the road, always park on the left-hand side. It is illegal to park on the opposite side facing oncoming traffic. • Pedestrians always have right of way, regardless of whether they are at a designated crossing area. • You should always stop at railway crossings before driving over them, even if the gates are up. • Australia has something called Transit Lanes which aim to reduce congestion on main commuter roads. These will be signposted, with T2 or T3 on them. These refer to the number of passengers, so you can only drive in a T2 lane if you have two people (including the driver) in the car, for example.

Car Rental Agencies in Australia

You will find plenty of car rental choices regardless of whether you choose to rent at the airport or downtown in one of Australia’s bustling cities. If you would prefer to use a well-known agency with plenty of five-star reviews, then take a look at AVIS, Hertz, or Europcar. Each of these companies offer similar services and great levels of customer service.

For example, AVIS have their own app, which means that you can stay connected to them easily whilst on the move. Not only that, but because they are a leading company, they also offer their services from over 220 pickup locations situated all across Australia. With sites in Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart and more, you will never be far away from an AVIS office.

Or, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option that offers a fantastic service, check out Thrifty. They provide plenty of options that will help you get the most out of your trip without breaking the bank, and you can feel safe doing so too. Not to mention, they also have a diverse range of vehicles to choose from, with options like eco hybrid cars for the environmentally conscious, to SUVs and 4 Wheel Drives for those looking to take on longer, more adventurous trips in the outback.

No matter which company you choose, each will provide you with plenty of options and benefits to give you the security you need when driving around Australia.

Top Road Trips in Australia

Australia is an expansive landscape full of monumental sights and iconic views, so we would be hard-pressed to include every amazing road trip in this article. However, here are a couple of road trips that we recommend checking out. Regardless of where you choose to go, however, we are sure you will have an amazing time.

If you’re visiting Australia for the stunning beaches, bays, and glorious turquoise seas, then the Great Ocean Road is an absolute must. An iconic trip in not only Australia, but the whole world, this incredible 243km long road is situated between the city of Torquay and the village of Nelson in Victoria State. Along it you will find awe-inspiring views around every corner, with a variety of sights to take your breath away. Make sure to take your camera, as you will want to capture every angle of the beautiful bays, sensational surf, and incredible cliffs that you will pass. Also, don’t miss the Twelve Apostles rock formations, a famous landmark situated off the shore of Port Campbell National Park.

Or, if you would rather explore more of Australia’s expansive inland terrain, we recommend driving down the Savannah Way. A stunning, scenic route, this is 3700km of beautiful landscapes and natural wonders. It is situated between Broome in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, and Cairns in North Queensland. Here, you will find five World Heritage areas and 15 national parks, each with their own awe-inspiring landscapes and views. It is the perfect voyage for any explorer, with waterfalls to swim in and tropical rainforests and savannahs to admire.

Frequently asked questions about car rental Australia

What’s the best area to stay in Australia?
There is an extensive list of places to stay in Australia. The best depends on what it is you are looking for from your trip. It is a huge area, so if you wish to explore a lot of it, we recommend staying in multiple places. You can find plenty of hotels and motels situated throughout Australia in both the inner cities and on the outskirts. Or, consider camping or staying in hostels or holiday parks if you want a more affordable option.
What is the cheapest time to go to Australia?
As with most places, the cheapest time to go to Australia is during the colder months. Australia’s late autumn/early winter is around mid-April to late-June. It is around these months that flights are much cheaper and tourist costs are down. If, however, you wish you go to Australia during the warmer months, plane tickets tend to be cheaper when booked as far in advance as possible, and during the week rather than weekends. We recommend doing some research and keeping an eye out for flight sales, as these h
What is the best time to go to Australia?
The best time to travel to Australia is arguably around the Spring and Autumn months, especially if you are planning to visit a multitude of areas. In Australia, these occur between September and November, and March and May respectively. The weather during these months is usually the perfect temperature, but, please note this is only a rough guide as Australia is such a huge place and the weather and climate differ widely depending on where you are visiting.
Can you get around Australia without a car?
Australia is an incredibly large place, so we recommend renting a car to be able to explore it at your leisure without limitations. Although most of the cities have more than adequate public transport, with trains, buses, and ferries available, a lot of the beauty of Australia is seen from its extensive system of roads. For the full experience, driving will give you the opportunity to see many sights that public transport can’t offer. Not only that, but depending on how much travelling you want to do, it wi