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Car hire Spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe because of its versatility. For every type of vacation seeker Spain has something to offer. Whether you want to lay at the beach, go hiking, want to see cultural heritage or want to make a round trip, Spain is a beautiful destination. Something else that makes the country a great destination? The low car rental prices! Compared to other destination the average car rental prices in Spain are way below average, so how does that roundtrip sound now? Holiday Cars put a lot effort into mapping out the perfect roundtrip through this beautiful country, enjoy!

First stop: Barcelona!

Flights to Barcelona airport, as well as car rental in Barcelona are very affordable. This makes the city the ideal base to start your roundtrip from. Some of the main tourist attractions are: Parc de la Ciutadella, the Barcelona Cathedral, Parc Guëll, La Segrada Familia, Camp Nou and so much more. The city is ideal for all who love good food, top sports, great beaches and everything one can think of. In case you are tired of Barcelona itself, don’t hesitate to hop in your rental car and visit some nearby towns like Malgrat de Mar, Platja d’Aro and Lloret de Mar.

Moving on to Zaragoza

The fifth biggest city of Spain is surely worth a visit! This vibrant city is the home of many students but has never lost its historic value. Although tapas is actually from Andalusia, Zaragoza is famous for being one of the best cities to enjoy the delicious little bites. In Zaragoza there are a lot of parcs to discover and furthermore, you are recommended to take a look at some of the beautiful street arts and street artists. Some of the top sights of Zaragoza are: the Tapestry museum, Basilica de nuestra Señora del Pilar, Puente de Piedra and so many more.
Zaragoza is also referred to as the hidden city. Despite being the fifth largest city in Spain, it has not yet fallen for mass tourism. You better hurry up before the world discovers this hidden gem!

Car rental in Bilbao is always a good idea!

Your rental car will now take you to Bilbao in the admirable Basque country. The city has blossomed lately and is very popular under young adults. The city is the heart of the Basque country so there is a lot of historic value attached to the city. The historic value is alternated with a lot of hyper modern buildings and estates, making the city not only culturally awesome, but also really diverse. If you rent a car in Bilboa you can even go for a day at the beach as Bilbao is located very near the northern sea.
One of the sights you can’t miss is the world famous Guggenheim museum which is a perfect example of modern art. The outside is shaped like a scaly boat!

You will have to drive a little now…

Because our road trip continues in Salamanca! Home of the oldest university of Spain and as off today still a vibrant student city. To some, Salamanca is the ideal mix between history and excitement. Because there are so many students to be found, Salamanca’s nightlife is one Spain’s best. Furthermore, the whole historical center is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. Salamanca is not only popular among Spanish students but also to a large scale of international students coming to Spain to learn the language.

Must see: Madrid

Arriving in Spain’s capital it might be an idea to switch your rental car? Car hire in Madrid is very cheap so you might want to switch to a more luxurious car! Maybe an SUV is something you like better? Car rental at Madrid Barajas airport goes from one euro a day for an economy car up to over one thousand euros a day for a Ferrari California, so it is needless to say that there are plenty options.
So where can you take your rental car in Madrid? Well for starters Madrid is seen as the football capital of the world, if you are into sports you should definitely visit El Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, home of Real Madrid. If you are a nature lover you can go to La Pedriza, a large nature reserve located just outside of the city. Those interested in culture there are the Plaza Mayor, the Padro Museum, the royal palace and many more interesting sights.

Chilling out in sunny Alicante

Well okay, fair enough, it is a four hour drive.. but it is worth it! Alicante is located on the Costa Blanca, meaning “white coast”. Near the sea you will find the Explanada de España, a nice boulevard filled with cozy restaurants and little stores. Another must see in Alicante is the Santa Bárbara castle which looks over the city from a mountain top.
No les than 17 car rental suppliers are present at Alicante airport so if you’d like to start your trip here do not be afraid that there is only a few to pick from.

From Costa Blanca to Costa del Sol

You are right, your next stop is Málaga, Andalusia. Spanish authenticity can not go any further than what you will stumble upon in the Andalusian region. Not only bull fighting, but also tapas and the Flamenco dance all find their origin in this region. With a long beautiful coast, the Sierra Nevada mountains and some beautiful cities, the Andalusian region is a must see for everybody who is able to go. Malaga itself is optimized for tourism with a lot of hotels, boulevards, beach activities and so forth. The city has a nice historic center with a cathedral and a roman theater.

The pearl of the south: Sevilla!

Ole! You have reached one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Many who have visited Sevilla will this daring statement. The buildings in Sevilla seem to be unable to decide whether to be of Arabic or Christian brokerage and this provides visitors with a stunning view. The Real Alcázar is one of the most beautiful palaces you will see in your life and the Plaza de España equals that in the terms of squares. If you are visiting southern Spain and you decide not to go to Sevilla you will regret it for the rest of your life!

Hey we are going to Ibiza!

Of course the Spanish peninsula isn’t all Spain has to offer. There are a lot of Islands as well and Ibiza is one of the most popular ones. You should leave your rental car in Sevilla and take the plane to Ibiza Airport. Car rental in Ibiza is even cheaper than in Madrid, can you imagine? In Ibiza you can get a rental car for less than 3 euros for a week.
Ibiza is commonly known as a party island for the rich, but actually there is a lot to do for people in all age categories. Even the children and the elderly go to Ibiza, maybe for different reasons than the younger adults.

A ferry to the neighbors, Mallorca!

Considering car hire in Mallorca? Well if you are following the round trip you might as well take a ferry with your Ibiza rental car! On the other hand, if you go by plane and rent a car in Mallorca you will not have to spend so much more.
Mallorca is, just like Ibiza, one of those destination which has a different story for everyone. Whether you want to relax, go for culture or go on a party week, Mallorca has all to offer. There is one thing you must definitely love when visiting the island: beautiful beaches and a lot of sunshine.

For those who can’t get enough

If you really cannot get enough of Spain you can always to the sea southwest of Morocco, where the Canarian islands are. These islands are the ideal destination all year long as it is always warm. The two main islands are Tenerife and Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. Car hire at these islands is recommended if you want to go and explore. A lot of people choose to rent a car and go island hopping by ferry!

So, car rental in Spain? Yes.

Spain is just to large and diverse to go on a holiday to without hiring a car. If you really want to see all the beauty the country has to offer you do not only need a car, but also a lot of time.
We are hoping that this proposed road trip inspired you to go and make the adventure of a lifetime and if you do, choose HolidayCars to supply you with a rental car!