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Cheap Car Rental Czechia

Destinations at the border of Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a small country in Central Europe, bordering Germany to the (North)West, Austria to the south, Poland to the north and Slovakia to the south-east. On 1 January 1993 Czechoslovakia peacefully split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Czech Republic became an independent country. If you plan to rent a car in Czech Republic, compare car rental Czech Republic at and book in advance with no hidden costs.

The splitting of the Czech Republic

The flag of the Czech Republic is the same as the flag of Czechoslovakia. When the country was split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Czech Republic continued to use the old flag. As with most other Slavic countries, the flag consists of the pan-Slavic colors of red, white and blue.

Golden City

Prague is the capital and largest city of Czech Republic. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Lying on the Vltava River, Prague was nicknamed as “the Golden City”. You can reach most of the city's sights by public transport, but car rental in Czech Republic offers more freedom especially when you want to see more of the surrounding areas.

Cesky Krumlov town and castle

The Ceský Krumlov is a town located in the Czech region of South Bohemia. It attracts many tourists with the old town and a spectacular castle. In 1992 Cesky Krumlov was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Car rental in Czech Republic is cheap and is the ideal way to discover more of this surprising country.

Visit Lednice while you rent a car in Czech Republic

Lednice is part of the district Breclav. The earliest mention of Lednice is from the year 1222. Till the expropriation in 1945 the castle of Lednice was in the possession of the princes of Liechtenstein. In 1945 the predominantly German population was expelled from Lednice. In 1996 it was added on the UNESCO World Heritage List, together with the twin manor of Valtice. Lednice is located in South Moravia of the country; car hire in Czech Republic can bring you there with ease.


A rental car in Czech Republic offers the flexibility to explore the region at your own leisure. The countryside is authentic, radiating a serene pastoral tranquility. Thoroughly enjoy the hospitality of the local people and try a glass of Becherovka, an herbal drink containing 38% alcohol.

Interesting routes for tourists

In major cities the traffic can get chaotic during rush hours. Try to avoid these hours and you will enjoy the drive more. The rural roads are quiet and picturesque, offering a lot of scenic driving routes to enjoy when you rent a car in this charming country.

Popular cities