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Car rental Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Car hire Stockholm Skavsta Airport

During or maybe even before planning a vacation to Sweden you'll probably ask yourself at one point just what Sweden is famous for. A better question would be, what is Sweden not famous for? Throughout the years many Swedish products became a concept so ingrained in daily life that you surprised of their origin.
When visiting Sweden you might come in via the Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Long before your journey you'd probably want to book car rental Stockholm Skavsta Airport to make the most out of your time in Sweden. Even though you can rent a car at the airport, it would be a wise choice to do this in advance. Holiday Cars gives you the advantage of booking your car rental online. When you book your car hire via Holiday Cars you give yourself the ability of choosing a car that is tailored to your needs. Also the fact that Holiday Cars only works with trusted companies for car rental Stockholm Skavsta Airport should give a you a more secure feeling while looking for the perfect car.

Car Companies

When traveling to Stockholm Skavsta Airport you get to choose from the following car hire companies:

Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Stockholm Skavsta Airport is located about 100 kilometers to the south west of Stockholm near a smaller town called Nyköping. Because of this the airport is also known as the Nyköping Airport. Like many older airports the Stockholm Skavsta Airports history goes back to the Second World War during which it was used as a military airport until 1980. After laying still for some years the airport started seeing activity again only this time as a civilian airport.
While at the airport you can enjoy regular commodities such as duty free shopping, free wifi, baby care facilities and food and drink services. To make your wait more comfortable you can enter the business lounge after purchasing a lounge pass.

Yes, it's Swedish!

There are a number of things you might know or even be using but didn't realise they are Swedish. Let's start with your furniture, if it has IKEA written on it, it's Swedish. But of course you knew that already. But let's say that on your IKEA desk you have your pc or laptop and if you want Skyping your family or friends etc, you're still using another partly Swedish product since one of its developers was a Swede. If you're listening to either Avicii or ABBA after your Skype call, your still dealing with Swedish export products. Did you know there is an ABBA museum in Stockholm? Well, now you do (you're welcome). And by the way, if your kid was playing Candy Crush while you were making that Skype call, you still have a Swede to thank for doing the babysitting.
Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is situated on 14 islands that are connected by more than 50 bridges. It comes as no surprise that with all this water there are a number of boat related activities for the many tourists visiting. Rent a car and explore this world city where every Nobel prize is awarded. Enjoy the vast stretches of forest and miles of coastline. Go to the Vasa Museum to learn about a famous warship with 64 guns. If after doing everything there is to do in this wonderful city there's this small chance that you find yourself not wanting to leave any more.
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There are no experiences available for this destination yet. But of course, our customer service will gladly answer all your questions about car rental in Stockholm Skavsta Airport.