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Car rental Bucharest

Paris of the East

Bucharest was founded in 1459 by Prince Vlad Tepes or Dracula. The name Bucharest could be after a shepherd named Bucur. Since then Bucharest developed rapidly and in 1862 it became the capital of Romania. Bucharest is famed as the Paris of the East, because the city at that time was very romantic and elegant. If you are considering car rental Bucharest, you can book in advance at

Village Museum

The Village Museum is an open-air museum in Bucharest, located on the famous Kiseleffweg. The museum shows how the Romanian countryside looks like. There are fewer than 300 authentic buildings from all over the country. Although everything is quite close by, car rental in Bucharest can be a comfortable means to travel. Do not miss the Bucharest National Art Museum and the Bucharest Museum.

Parliament Palace

The palace is built on a hill under commissioned by the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. The Parliament Palace, after the Pentagon and the Potala Palace in Tibet, is probably the largest building in the world. Inside there are 2000 halls and rooms. Since 1994 the parliament sits in this building. Car rental in Bucharest ensures a relaxing holiday. A rental car in Bucharest is economical and comfortable for you to get acquainted with this surprising country.


The Romanian Athenaeum is a concert hall in the center of the city, designed by French architect Albert Galleron and built between 1885 and 1888. It largely adopts the neoclassical architectural style, complemented with romantic elements. On the ground floor is a conference hall of the same dimensions as the auditorium above. In front of the building erects statue of George Enescu.


In order to explore the region leisurely you should rent a car in Bucharest. In rural areas it is difficult to find car hire in Bucharest. The countryside is largely medieval, with horse and carriage being quite common here. Enjoy everything from authentic hospitality to a glass of tuica, a homemade plum brandy.

Busy cities

The rural roads are quiet, but in the crowded cities it is common to see the Romanians honking, driving through a red light and blocking the intersection. It's wise to drive cautiously in the city. Driving should be off the list if you have drunk too many glasses of tuica.
Tips and experiences for Bucharest

Our customers rated Bucharest with an average of 9.3 based on 3 ratings, and these are the most recent tips, experiences and highlights.

Visit the museums!
Lovely country. Make a point of travelling up to Brasov
Do not drive at night.