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About Car Rental at Malaga Airport

Although a popular tourist destination, there are many parts of Spain that are still parts of Spain that are quieter, and more relaxing, if you are looking for this sort of destination. If you thought trips to Spain all offered the same experience, why not head to Malaga to experience an enjoyable, but unique, take on the Spanish lifestyle? Whether you are searching for countless Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, or want to learn more about the fascinating history of Spain, you will find this in abundance in Malaga, not to mention along with their unique restaurants, exciting recreational activities, and welcoming locals.

Although commonly referred to as Malaga Airport, the airport's official name is Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport. This name change was carried out in 2011, to reflect the flights available at the airport. As with many other European airports, you will find that an extensive list of carriers uses the airport, including EasyJet and Ryanair.

If you want to take advantage of car rentals when landing at Malaga Airport, there are plenty of options available to you, with some recognized names including Europcar, SIXT and Hertz. There are also local car rental companies with excellent reviews, including Malaga Airport Car Hire and Record Go Rent a Car.

Car Rental in Malaga

If you wish to use public transport to travel to your location, there are several options available. One of the most popular is a taxi, although this could be expensive, depending on how far you need to travel. For example, a taxi to Marbella averages 60 euros, which may not be the most ideal option, especially if you are travelling on a budget.

If you are still favoring public transport, you can grab bus into Malaga, which only costs 10 euros. Although the buses are regular, there could be waiting times, and the service is out of operation during the early hours of the morning, so you’ll need to check for updates regularly before you travel, so you don’t miss check-in time at your accommodation upon arrival.

When planning a trip round Malaga, we cannot recommend a car rental enough. If you plan to visit a location outside of the common tourist areas, you should try to arrange a rental car before leaving for Malaga, as this will save you the worry of relying on public transport that may or may not be on time. Along with this, you may want to explore some of the more rural areas of Malaga, in which case public transport cannot be used – unless you are willing to pay for a taxi.

Driving in Malaga

Driving in Malaga is pretty straightforward, however, there are some rules to be aware of to ensure you remain safe and considerate of local drivers. When driving in Spain, you need to remember that:

Drivers in Spain use the right side of the road.

Those already driving in a roundabout have the right of way.

Black and white markings with no traffic lights mean pedestrians have the right of way.

You cannot wear headphones when driving. The fast lane should never be used, unless overtaking and, as with all countries, some Spanish drivers can become aggressive if they feel someone is driving too slowly. To eliminate the stress from the situation, use the right or middle lane, especially if you are feeling a little anxious driving in a new place for the first time. There are also safety concerns to address, such as only using hands free when speaking on the phone, and ensuring that everyone travelling wears their seatbelts.

Despite the historic aesthetic of Malaga, the roads are well managed and offer an excellent driving experience, even when simply just enjoying the sights.

Car Rental Agencies in Malaga

When exploring Malaga, renting a car is the most convenient form of travel to fully explore the city and nearby villages. Renting a car in Malaga is affordable and typically relatively cheap, due to the amount of car rental companies available. Car rental suppliers in Malaga include SIXT, Malaga Car and Hertz.

Top Road Trips from Malaga

By renting a car, you are opening up endless opportunities for travelling in and around the city. You can plan trips that showcase some of the best archeological sites in the area, such as travelling from Malaga, to Antequera, to Loja and finally to Grandada. You can also explore some of the natural beauty in Malaga by taking the car to the Montes de Malaga Natural Park, without relying on public transport to get you there.

If you are a fan of natural beauty, we’d recommend taking a day trip out to explore the Costa del Sol countryside, by travelling from Mijas, to Alhaurin el Grande, to Coin, to Monda, to Ojen, and finally, Marbella.


When is the Best Time to Visit Malaga? ?
The first thing people associate with Spain is the sun, and Malaga is no different. Although the Andalusian City can be enjoyed all year round, many feel that Malaga is at its best during the warmer months. Between June and September are typically the warmest moths to visit the city, with July and August among the hottest.

When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Malaga? ?
Although some trips to Malaga can be expensive, this does not mean a smaller budget cannot offer a similar experience. Many people enjoy Malaga at its warmest, but this does not mean Malaga does not have anything to offer during the off-peak months. If you want to enjoy fantastic landmarks, excellent local food, and an experience that you will never forget, then why not take advantage of cheap airfare, and visit between November and January? You will often find that many hotels also offer a reduction in cost per night, and finding the right vehicle regarding car rental is almost guaranteed, because very few people rent a car during this time. We do recommend, however, those wanting to make some additional savings often find that pre-planning their car rental and accommodation can allow for far more savings to be made. In short, there is rarely a bad time to visit Malaga, but it is important to check what activities and services are available if you decide to visit during the off-peak season.

Where is The Best Area to Stay in Malaga? ?
If you are visiting Malaga for the first time, Palma de Mallorca offers something for everyone. The vibrant capital offers plenty of Old-World influence, matched with an array of shops, restaurants and other tourist attractions. If you are searching for a more relaxing part of Malaga, then why not consider Cala d’Or. Although some hotels can be a bit more expensive, the area is ideal for those wanting to spread their wings when visiting Malaga.

Can You Get Around Malaga Without a Car? ?
One of the reasons why Malaga is so popular with tourists is because many attractions are accessible by foot. Malaga also has an efficient public transport system and the Malaga bus service is operated by EMT, which offers one-off tickets and multi-travel cards. Along with this, there is also the option of travelling via train, which has connections to many popular destinations within Malaga. A two-line metro system is also available, which starts at Maria Zambrano RENFE train station. If you want to enjoy the local scenery without having to make various stops, then there are also various ‘hop on - hop off’ buses that offer this service, although they can be busy during the hotter months. Those wanting to explore the Malaga province will find that car rental is beneficial, far easier, and can help make some savings when planning activities and day trips.

Tips and experiences for Malaga

Our customers rated Malaga with an average of 8.9 based on 9 ratings, and these are the most recent tips, experiences and highlights.

I wasn't actually in Malaga it was just where the airport was.
Lovely city, nice beaches, many places to try the spanish cusine.
its a nice city to visit
mijas village, benalmadena harbour
The Picasso museum and fortresses are very nice.
Visiting small villageg around Malaga, golf
Southern Spain is a fantastic place for a holiday with good food and nice people.
Visiting the old town of Malaga, Ronda and a mountaintrip around the white villages.
Visit the old part of the city of Malaga, the big shoppingstreet and the harbour area