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If you have never visited Spain, it would be easy to assume that all towns and cities within the country are the same, but this is not the case. Spain has become a popular holiday destination for many reasons. Some adore the warm and welcoming nature of the locals, while others like to marvel at the many iconic landmarks situated throughout Spain.

Mallorca is renowned for beautiful coastlines, stunning architecture, and a wide range of luxurious beaches, add to this the Mediterranean climate, and it is clear why Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations.

Palma De Mallorca Airport is often cited as the gateway to the inspiring island, and many feel the infectious fun and relaxing atmosphere as soon as they land. Today, the airport handles as many as 6 million passengers, and is the base for Air Europa. There are also several other carriers who use the airport, including EasyJet,, Vueling and Rylanair.

Exploring Mallorca at your own pace is part of the experience, which is why so many people rent a car from Palma De Mallorca Airport during their stay. You can book your Palma De Mallorca Airport car rental in advance with

Renting a Car at Palma De Mallorca Airport

One of the most convenient ways to enjoy Mallorca is to ensure you take advantage of a car rental as soon as you land. Not only does this allow you to enjoy the wondrous scenery that can be experienced on the island, but also ensures you have options available when travelling during your stay. There are several car rental companies available in Palma De Mallorca:

All have service desks situated in the airport, and the staff are knowledgeable and helpful, meaning even last-minute bookings are simple and straightforward. All care rental firms will offer some form of insurance, but it is important to consider the options available before going ahead with car rental. Although it is understandable why some people opt for the cheapest quote, it may not always be the most suitable.

Car Rental Services in Mallorca

Those using public transport can travel from Palma De Mallorca Airport to Intermodal Station using the EMT Bus, which operates every 15 minutes until 9.00 p.m. before transitioning to the half hourly service.

Some may want to travel to their destination before using a car rental, and this can be arranged with one of the many service providers located on the island. Although every car rental company offers a wide range of options, planning ensures you have access to a vehicle that meets your requirements. The busier times on the island could mean that some preferred vehicles are pre booked. While many providers aim to meet your needs, pre-planning can help offer peace of mind. All car rental companies are recognized professionals in the industry, so finding a vehicle that suits your needs and budget should not be an issue. Many find that arranging their car rental before leaving for Mallorca allows for a seamless experience when travelling from Palma De Mallorca Airport.

Driving in Mallorca

Although driving in Mallorca is relatively stress-free, there are still some factors to consider. The following is an overview of the things you need to be mindful of when driving in Mallorca:

There are also common laws that are the same as driving at home, such as zero tolerance regarding drinking and driving, and the improper use of a mobile phone when driving.

Top Road Trips from Palma De Mallorca

When exploring Mallorca in a rental car, we recommend taking a trip to Alcudia Old Town. Situated on the other side of the island, this medieval town has been perfectly preserved by walls that were originally built to defend itself against pirates in the Middle Ages. Alcudia is the old capital of Majorca, and is full of ruins and cobblestone alleys which are extremely Insta-worthy. To get here, it is necessary you have a car, or book a taxi in advance.


Where is the Best Area to Stay in Mallorca?
One of the most popular towns in Mallorca is Puerto Pollensa. The town offers scenic vires and historic architecture, complemented with beautiful beaches, fabulous bars, and eateries. The wide range of activities and classic architecture have led many holidaymakers to return to the island time and time again.

When is the Best Time to Visit Mallorca?
Many people find Mallorca is at its best during the warmer climates. The temperatures are at their highest between March and May, and with some planning, you could also avoid the influx of tourists. The months between June and September are often the busiest times on the islands, so anyone planning to visit during this time is advised to secure their accommodation, activities, and car rental as soon as possible.

When Is the Cheapest Time to Visit Mallorca?
Those wanting to save money when visiting the fabulous island of Mallorca will find there is still plenty to enjoy when booking between September and November. There may be less activities than the peak season, but you can often enjoy less crowds, cheaper flights and better deals regarding car rentals.

Can You Get Around Mallorca Without a Car?
How easy it is to travel around Mallorca by public transport depends on your plans during your stay. There is a metro system in Palma, as well as many train and bus networks located on the island, which, for the most part, are efficient. However, some bus services can have a limited service, especially during the weekend. As such, those wanting to enjoy the scenery during the evening will need to plan ahead before their visit. The island of Mallorca is small, and the public transport available does an excellent job of allowing you to enjoy the island and its many facilities. However, those wanting to explore areas off the beaten track or simply enjoy a sense of freedom will find that car rental is the preferred mode of transport, and can be more cost-effective in most instances.

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Tips and experiences for Palma de Mallorca

Our customers rated Palma de Mallorca with an average of 8.6 based on 5 ratings, and these are the most recent tips, experiences and highlights.

Travel tip - don't use Drivalia
Visit old town Palma, Port Andratx.
I would defiantly say hire a car, as you don't know what's round the corner. We took some older friends with us, and my old mate was rushed to Hospital one night and was there for 3 days. We were able to visit every day and take his wife. A taxi would have cost a fortune. Now this is a great tip.
Book restaurants Flanigans, Il Paradiso and Koh for dinners! With the car drive up to port de Soller.
Parking in Palma can be a challenge. We parked beyond the outer limits where parking is free and walked through the town. If you are in good health, walking is the best way to see Palma. The street signs are not always there at every corner so it can be a challenge at times, And get out of town and see the mountains and the countryside. We especially enjoyed our visit to Lluc monastery and hiking in the mountains.