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About Car Rental at Rome Airport

Rome-Fiumicino Airport, also known as Leonardo DaVinci International Airport, is Italy's main airport, serving more than 40 million passengers each year. The airport is located in Fiumicino, only about 35 kilometres from the historic centre of Rome, so it is the one chosen by those who want to visit the wonderful city. This proximity makes it ideal for those who prefer to rent a car at the airport, and start their trip freely through Italy from the beginning.

You have over 14 car rental agencies to choose from at the airport. You have the multinational ones such as Alamo, Enterprise and Sixt, and other ones that are exclusive from Italy such as Maggiore, Noleggiare and Sicily by Car.

In all of them, you will have an unlimited miles service so you can take the rented car all over Italy without any problem.

Downtown Car Rental at Rome

The prices to rent a car at the airport are usually higher since tourist and international prices are handled, but if you take the time to wait and rent the car in downtown Rome, then you can get great deals and better service.

Here you will find the same companies that are at the airport, as well as a large number of local agencies. Something good about renting those that are also at the airport is that sometimes they let you return the car at the airport, so you can enjoy it throughout your trip. However, local agencies are usually cheaper than the others.

At the end of the day, the important thing is that you choose the one you feel most comfortable with. In both, you will find a great variety of cars and similar benefits.

Driving in Rome

Driving in Rome is quite easy, the only drawback that you can find is in the roundabouts, but if you are patient then you will not have any problem.

Something that you should carry with you all the time while driving is your driver's license and the proof that your car is rented, since otherwise you will be fined and you will also have to pay extra money to the car rental agency (in most of the cases), but having those documents with you will avoid all the problem.

Some extra tips are:

The speed limits are as follows: On secondary extra-urban highways, the limit ranges from 90 km/h to 70 km/h On the main extra-urban highways the speed limit is 110 km/h. On the highways, the limit is 130 km/h. These speed limits decrease when it rains.

If you drive in winter, then make sure that the agency includes the chains or special rubber bands for snow, because if you don't have them they will not let you circulate in Italy.

Everyone in the car must wear a seat belt at all times.

Car Rental Agencies in Rome

In addition to the agencies already mentioned, other car rental companies undoubtedly get all the praise. Here I will name two that stand out above the rest since they have great reviews, the greatest amount of benefits and means of payment, and a large fleet of cars from which you can choose.

Crent Roma, belonging to Crent SRL, is one of the agencies that stand out above the rest. Something that makes it unique is its wide variety of vehicles available to subtract, from minivans to SUVs, small cars for couples, and even scooters for those who want to experience an authentic Italian experience.

The other is Noleggio Auto di Lusso, which is from Primerent, an exclusive car rental company. What makes it stand out is that you can rent ordinary cars, or even luxury cars to visit Rome in style. They recently added electric cars from different companies to their fleet, from Tesla to Porsche, Audi and Jaguar. So if you want to feel comfortable and drive a luxury car, now you can also do it in a car that takes care of the environment and will save you money on gas.

Top Road Trips from Rome

Only in the city of Rome, you will find hundreds of destinations to visit that you cannot miss, and that going by car will be much easier for you to reach all of them.

If you go to Rome you must visit the Roman Colosseum, The Pantheon of Rome, the Trevi Fountain, as well as the different imposing Churches that fill the city of Rome with a unique energy.

If you travel early, you can also get away from Rome and take a road trip to other parts of Italy. The other major city that is closer is Naples, and you can reach it in 2 hours. The other big cities like Milan, Venice and Genoa are trips that can take you from 5 to 7 hours, but if you like to drive and have the time you should definitely do it.

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Rome

What's the best area to stay in Rome?
The best area to stay in Rome is the historic centre or downtown Rome since there is a wide variety of hotels to choose from, from the most luxurious to hostels for backpackers, so you will easily find one that suits your needs.

What is the cheapest time to go to Rome?
If you avoid different holidays such as Christmas, Easter, among others, then the prices are mostly the same. September and October are usually a little cheaper since they are low tourist seasons and there aren't many holidays.

What is the best time to go to Rome?
The best months to travel to Rome are April, May, September and October. What these months have in common is that the climate is mild, so you will not have an oppressive heat or a winter cold that makes you want to stay in your bed. This is mainly because in summer you do not have many places to cool off, and the queues to see the monuments and different historical places are done under the full ray of the sun.

Can you get around Rome without a car?
Of course, although you will not have the same freedoms as if you make the trip with a rental car, you can also get to different places. Public transport works wonders, and the airport offers the Leonardo Express service, which is a train that takes you from the airport to Rome's Termini station.

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Tips and experiences for Rome

Our customers rated Rome with an average of 9.5 based on 4 ratings, and these are the most recent tips, experiences and highlights.

We rented a car to travel outside rome, there are great places to visit around rome. If you stay in Rome don't drive or get the best insurance you can, driving is chaotic.
Please take enough time for Rome ... and use Trip Advisor for the Restaurants (otherwise you risk to get average food and pay too much for a bad service)
Make sure you know about the towns you are driving in and if they let rental cars on their main city streets. This rental company does go the extra mile to inform you about anything but it may just be italia! The scenery is astounding everywhere you go and most people are very friendly.
Use public transport when possible